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I am Margo. Author of MAD About CRACKERS and GO WILD. Am a forever eager and humble student of LIFE. Glad our paths in time and this virtual universe of the Internet crossed. I hope that my books will inspire you and help you to incorporate healthy healing food and snacks into day to day life of your family.

About Me

I cultivate my appreciation and gratitude for Mother Nature and her wonders, the self-healing capacity we all possess, as well as the incredible compatibility and connection of human beings to all plants and the rest of nature that surrounds us. Natural food is just part of this compelling wonder.


SOPHIE POWER Ultrarunner, Blogger

If my son knew what was in these, he’d never eaten them - but he asks for them all the time!”

HASSIBA FREIHA Actor, Filmmaker

Nourishing clean and safe snack-tastic NIBBLES everyone can make. Light and portable. What a great idea to dehydrate the juice pulp many would consider ‘waste’!


Margo’s book is based on her own experience. Her lifelong interest in healing foods, her wealth of knowledge regarding the inner workings of the human body, together with her decades of working with kids and educating parents about weaning and healthy nutrition has led to the creation of this book.“

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