About Me

I feel life is too short and ‘happens’ way too fast for me not to focus on what I truly enjoy. Observing my parents and people around me with their stories, successes, and challenges- I very early realized vibrant optimal health is a ‘must’ for everything else to fall in place. I made it my priority to seek foods and nourish my body in a way that it has a chance to recover to perfection. Moving my physical body and investing time into seeking balance and focus of my mind- is another piece of the puzzle. Babies are my inspiration to remain curious and open-minded. The work I do- as a maternity nurse- allows me to share my views with mothers and families all around the world. Helping new parents to enjoy their journey brings me JOY. With each new baby in my arms, I learn a lot every single time. My formal background is in ‘western’ medicine. I grew up in a family of farmers. I consider myself lucky – being a gardener, fascinated by Nature from an early age, led by my parents to watch the seed grow into beautiful fruit I get to harvest with my own hands. I treasure this fascination.

I cultivate my appreciation and gratitude for Mother Nature and her wonders, the self-healing capacity we all possess, as well as the incredible compatibility and connection of human beings to all plants and the rest of nature that surrounds us. Natural food is just part of this compelling wonder.

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