JOURNAL Mad about Crackers , pink version

Keep notes about your crackers ALL in one place.

Write down your personal favorite cracker recipes and variation of recipes contained in the original ‘Mad about Crackers’ book in this nice and handy 6×9 inch journal. If they were nice and yummy, it would be a pity not to remember how to make them again…

MAD ABOUT CRACKERS journal helps you document your ‘crackering’ and food dehydrating journey.

A5 size, 106 pages, 6×9 inch.

Each recipe page has dedicated space to write down a shopping list, recipe title, date, time for how long you dehydrated, mark (circle/highlight) if the recipe was sweet vs savory, thick/medium/thin crackers, seeds/nuts/sprouts content.

Mark each recipe outcome with a STAR rating, and keep notes about what was great about each recipe, as well as what you could try to do differently next time.

It is your favorite recipe diary.

Margo’s crackers inspired!

This recipe journal contains a measurement conversion chart and ‘calorie counting exercise’ page corresponding to pages number 28-29 from the Mad About Crackers book. Feel free to take copies of these 2 pages before filling them up, so you can reuse them with your cracker recipes. Alternatively, visit the store on the 23blossom webpage to download an A4 size pdf of the same pages.

Enjoy your creating process and let me know what to improve. (via Instagram)



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